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/ About Technopark

Technopark Pomerania is based in Szczecin (West Pomeranian Region, Poland) and since 2000 its objective has been to support the development of innovative companies, ICT startups and entrepreneurs in the region. Technopark provides local entrepreneurs with business incubator and support services (incubation and expansion programs, including business mentorship and consulting, PR and marketing) for ICT sector. Technopark offers high-standard office space of over 13,000 sqm in total. Modern building archtecture corresponds with the needs of creative individuals and innovative businesses. Open space and vivid colors make these newly-developed constructions another great symbol of the city of Szczecin. Our services also include the largest Data Center in the region.

Currently there are over 60 companies from ICT and knowledge-based sectors with over 500 employees in total. They are both startups and mature businesses – the mixed profile of tenants stimulates cooperation, knowledge exchange and business development, as well as informal networking. At Technopark also some local IT organisations have their headquarters - such as West Pomeranian ICT Cluster (association of about 100 IT companies from the region), The Netcamp Foundation, Szczecin Unix and Linux Users Group, Aegis Foundation (open-source movement) and FROME (Foundation for Managers' Development).  

Technopark Pomerania in a nutshell

  • Top standard office space - for innovative companies within IT and new technologies

  • Enterprise incubator for IT start-up companies - within the Incubation Program 

  • Mixed profile of tenants start-ups and mature SMEs - stimulation of cooperation and business development, informal networking 

  • Conference base of best standard

  • ICT associations' HQ based nearby West Pomeranian ICT Cluster; Netcamp Foundation; Szczecin Linux/Unix Users Group, Aegis Foundation, FROME Foundation

  • EU projects and trainings 

  • ICT Consulting for public sector and administration

  • Data Center services

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